Wednesday, April 4, 2012

twice-baked potatoes

i have always loved twice-baked potatoes
{who doesn't?}
but this was my first time making them.
they were instantly and unanimously favorited.
{is that a real word?}
after dinner, ned said,
"i don't like baked potatoes, but i do like these."
i bet you will, too.
and how bout that organic spinach~arugula~beet~chevre salad?

: twice baked potatoes :
bake your potatoes in the usual way
{find my baked potato post with how-to here}
once they are baked & cooled a bit,
cut them in half.
gently scoop the potato from the skins
and into a large bowl.
{do your best to keep the skins intact}
mash your potato with all sorts of goodness:
butter, salt & pepper, grated cheese,
sour cream, little bits of fresh chives.
then scoop the mixture back into the skins
and bake them for another 15 minutes. 

you can find a more recipe-ish recipe here.

mmmmm... comfort food.


Emily said...

Nothing beats the comfort of a good ole potato!

We love to stuff our twice baked potatoes with broccoli.
I guess it is because my mom always did that to get us to eat more veggies!

Pam said...

we eat these all the time. the kids love them! :) and that salad looks so good!!! I love beets! xo

Anonymous said...

I want that dinner!

Angie said...

I've never made twice-baked potatoes, but they sound fairly easy! I think I'll try this too!!

Dawn said...

I love these and so does Lucy and Bennett...Blake and Toby dont like sour cream (wwhhaattt??) so they are a NO for them :)

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