Monday, April 23, 2012


this is rudy.
more often, though, he is mr. roo.
he is a pretty princess
but he makes a mess.
it's really too much.

that downy-soft fur?  it's everywhere.
and i'll spare you the other unsavory bits.

i tell him from time to time,
you're my last cat.

like any pampered fluffball,
he has several endearing yet maddening routines.
here is one:
at bedtime, every single night,
he waits
anticipating this:
then, when ned gets into bed,
rudy curls himself around ned's head
while meowing these little baby-meows.
i swear, it's baby talk.  from a cat.
meew!  meew!  i'm a tiny baby cat!  look how adorable i am!
meew!  meew!  i'm irresistible!
it is serious cat & boy cuddle time.
ned loves it.
mr. roo loves it.
i love the sweetness and i know that ned
will long remember this,
but it takes all i've got to ignore the fact
that ned and his bed
are fully covered in white fur.

now, let's segue from my cat conundrum
to this song that is always playing
somewhere at the edge of my consciousness

and while we're at it


Dianne said...

First I will say that Rudy is BEAUTIFUL! Probably the prettiest cat I have ever seen. Second, Ned is adorable! The combo is pure purrfection. Do not mess with purrfection!! :)

Emily said...

Rudy is gorgeous! I love the relationship he has with Ned. Don't even get me started on pet hair........
Great tunes by the way.

gretchen said...

Rudy is beautiful and I love him...and all his cat fur! I have decided that I will always have a cat. What is a house without poufs of fur adorning every surface?!!

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