Sunday, April 22, 2012


so far, this year has left me breathless.
i feel like i'm always bouncing back
from one thing or another.
this weekend, i tried to get my groove back.
it was a rest and recover weekend.
i slept in.
i drank lots of tea.
i cleaned closets.
i scrubbed toilets.
i cleaned out the fridge a bit.
the state of the fridge on saturday was like this:
4 containers of cream cheese
3 containers of almond butter
3 containers of sour cream
7 containers of salsa

to me, this speaks volumes.
time to consolidate.
time to regroup.
time to eat some salsa.


Emily said...

I hear ya Catie.
Sometimes we just need to slow down, and catch our breath, and yes, eat lots of salsa. Hope you feel better this Monday!

Dawn said...

:)...that's alot of salsa!! I had to do the same thing...Friday, scrubbed my house and Sunday was all about yardwork, I feel like I can breathe now...this working one day a week :D is really messing me up!! xoxo

Pam said...

i did the same thing this weekend! nothing like a clean fridge! can i come over and have a glass of that wine with you? :)

Angie said...

I sooo need to do that! Good job! After my girl's weekend I'm recovering today, so tired!

catie said...

pam ~ please head over! i want to hear all about paris!!!
emily, dawn, & angie, you're invited, too.
we'll have that bottle of wine with chips & SALSA {sour cream, too} ♥

Dianne said...

Oh, did I miss the party? ;(

catie said...

yay! dianne's coming, too!
what's in YOUR fridge, dianne? ♥

the gardener's cottage said...

how is it that we always buy another container or jar of something we already have?! i do it all the time too. your weekend sounds fabulous - i need one stat! xo janet

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