Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ode to a dragonfruit

dear dragonfruit,
you look

i want to wear you, or paint you.
so zingy, so jazzy, so vibrant
you are.
such texture, such contrast.
such suess-ness.

next to sliced kiwi, you would be stunning.

you look like a hammock
hung between palm trees.
a warm ocean breeze.
flowers in my hair.

but, alas,
you are not what i expected.
not at all.
you are downright bland,
and even wikipedia says so.
you are a contradiction.
an oxymoron.
you look so sweet.
you seem so tropical.
but you taste 
like a succulent, tender

i will not eat you, dragonfruit.
nor will i turn you into a fancy blended drink.

but i just might slice you open
and feast with my eyes.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely ode. I will have to try one of these "dragon fruits" and experience the dissapointment myself!!

Emily said...

Have never tried one, and thanks to you, I never will!

Dianne said...

Perfectly said Catie!

Michele Pacey said...

Ha ha ha! Love the twist there in the middle. As it turns out it's just a pretty potato...

Maybe you need to slice it up, deep-fry it and then eat it with ketchup. It could work... Maybe? :)

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