Sunday, May 27, 2012

arrows for emphasis

i created something little.
really little.
did you see it at the bottom of yesterday's post?
it's just a little way to get my point across.
i have been using it when leave a comment
for something i love, like an etsy treasury.
here it is:

do you ◄-l-o-v-e-► it?
it's a double-pointed-arrow-love-shish-kabob.

here's how you do it:
Alt + 17 = ◄
then, -l-o-v-e-
Alt + 16 = ►

you could also make one like this:
Alt + 27 = ←
Alt + 26 = →

more arrows?
Alt + 23 = ↨
Alt + 24 = ↑
Alt + 25 = ↓
Alt + 29 = ↔


Emily said...

⁄Somehow, I can never make this little guys work. I think it is because I have a mac? My keyboard just doesn't get it :( Here's what I get when I do Alt + 17



Dianne said...

You are so clever Catie!
However, it is not working for me either. Did you do it on your little Acer?

catie said...

emily, i think you're right about this being a pc specific feature.

dianne, you can make these with your acer, but since there isn't a separate number keypad you have to engage the number lock to use the numbers hidden within the letter keyboard. it's easy, just takes the extra step of hitting "NumLk" before & after {to turn it on, then to turn it off} ♥

Forever in my heart said...

I ◄-l-o-v-e-► it.

catie said...

yay! you did it! ♥

Anastasia Egórova said...

haha! cool! :D
thanks for sharing!

Anastasia Egórova said...

haha! cool! :D
thanks for sharing!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

I love it but Mac does not. :(

Michele Pacey said...

That's really fun!

For your Mac readers: Safari (Mac's browser) has a special characters list under the edit menu in which one finds all kinds of goodies like these. Check it out. I use it constantly. :)

Emily said...

Thanks Michele, and thanks Catie for directing me to her comment!

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