Wednesday, May 9, 2012


her sweetness just cracks my heart
w i d e    o p e n
 after a verrrrrry long day
i headed out to check on my favorite family.
 pip came right to me and let me feed her, 
which i know she really needed.
i sat with her and she settled right down.
i stayed for a long time,
and she seemed to rest easy,
knowing i was on the lookout for danger.
i get choked up several times a day
thinking of her, out on the pond,
minding her precious babies.

it's all i can do to not pitch a tent
and keep watch over her, day and night.


Michele Pacey said...

She is so very sweet. Can you imagine caring for that many babies at a time? I'd be a nervous wreck.

What kind of duck is she?...

catie said...

michele, i can not imagine. especially since she can't kick back with a glass of wine at the end of the day : )
pip is a wild mallard. i found her abandoned egg 2 years ago. i hatched her in my kitchen, raised her until she could fly, then released her at the pond where i found her egg. she is a miracle ♥

gretchen said...

This is the best story. You really need to write it, complete with illustrations, for a children's book. I love how she relaxed when you were there keeping watch. I wish I were there to pitch a tent with you!

Dianne said...

Move over in that tent. I want to join you and Gretchen. Pip is an angel and we all love her. She is our teepee baby. :)

Dawn said...

that's it...I am coming over to camp out with you..this is so so wonderful, I cannot stand it!! Love you and your sweet Pippa♥

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