Thursday, May 17, 2012


although i have known pip for her entire 2 years
and have come to expect this behavior,
it never fails to amaze me.
today was extra, extra sweet.

she was asleep with her babies
way across the pond.
hard to see, but she is just above the rocks, slightly left of center.
she's sleeping with her head tucked under her wing.
her babies are in a pile almost squarely in the center.

pippa! ............pippa!
still asleep.

c'mon, pippa!
then, she stretched her legs and wings,
stepped into the water,
and swam her babies over to my shore.
yes, my heart leaps out of my chest
every. single. time.

hello, pippa!
hello, babies!

she eats the whole corn i bring,
then settles down next to me.
her ducklings eat the same baby food
{chick starter} i fed pip as a baby.
she's teaching them to forage,
i'm just giving them a little nutritional bump.

the ducklings eat, drink, swim,
eat, drink, swim, and so on.

my sweet girl rests next to me
when i look at this photo, my eyes tear up.
she is extraordinary.

some duck
i want to spell in spider webs above her.

and her sweet babies...
i love them so much.

~extra special thanks~
thank you,
mary, matt, and molly,
for keeping watch over pip & her pipsqueaks,
and feeding them breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
i know you love them as much as i do.


gretchen said...

I just love these "Pip and the Pipsqueaks" updates! (Perfect title for the book..just sayin) I love how she seems to relax when you are there with very sweet. And yes she is SomeDuck. But that's because she had Some Mama! xoxo

gretchen said...

I have another question...when you are feeding her why don't all the other ducks in the pond come over for food??

catie said...

gretchen, you are very perceptive! it's weird how things change with these ducks from season to season. there is not the same giant centralized flock that there is in the fall. ducks behave very differently now. some ducks approach when they see i'm feeding her & her ducklings, but it's not a mob scene as it sometimes is (i toss their food far away so they will leave her alone). it's also HOW i feed her, which is very discreetly to i don't attract lots of attention from the other ducks. i wait until she is close then put the food right on the ground beside me. the other ducks don't want to come that close ♥

Dianne said...

You and Pip sure have your routine worked out. God bless you both. Catie I hope you are going to write a children's book about this. So special. You are amazing!

Anastasia Egórova said...

they are all absolutely amazing and sweet!
Thank you for sharing, Catie!

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