Saturday, May 26, 2012

art-paper-scissors :: t-shirt fringe necklace

head over to,
for a project that will remind you of summer camp
does it seem that i'm obsessed with
using t-shirt fabric?
maybe it's because it is
so soft and forgiving and practically free.
no need to run out to the craft store.
{i'm not a fan of the craft store}
use what you've got!
turn your old t-shirts
into something fun & beautiful
right here

try beading with strips of t-shirt fabric.
i made a ring, a bracelet, and a necklace.

today i'm wearing both necklaces layered together.


Jaelma said...

What a cute necklace!! Isn't it great when we can recycle/upcycle t-shirt fabric into cute crafts. I am sure my Girls club will love this one!! Thanks for sharing.


catie said...

hi jaelma!
great to have you here.
i have LOADS of tshirt crafts.
you can search my blog using the google search bar just under my list of followers.

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