Tuesday, May 8, 2012

not just any ducklings

they are hers.
yes, that is my sweet pippa girl.

look how she swam her babies
across the pond to meet me.
ten babies.
they are my grand-ducklings.
i spied her with them on sunday night,
but it was dusk and she was way across the pond.
i needed to make 100% sure it was her.
yesterday i spent a long time out there,
but she seemed agitated and wouldn't leave
her side of the pond.
my guess is that she was completely
exhausted with ten brand new hatchlings.
today, she came when i called her
and i got to feed her some corn
and admire her babies for more than an hour.
oh, i love this sweet ducka
and her little baby duckas
so, SO much.

please say a little prayer for pip
and for her babies.

do you know the story of how i became a duck mother?  
click here and here to read about pippa when she first hatched.


Anastasia Egórova said...

Pip is a perfection of mom for her beautiful 10 babies! :)
Thanks for sharing these amazing moments!...

catie said...

i'm so glad i get to share this with you half-way around the world!
pip is such a special duck.
you would love her ♥

Tanya Parish said...

Awwww, Catie I love that you have a blog that I can follow! I think of you soooooo often and miss you tons. I remember when there was just little Emily Grace age 3, my how time flies. I love you all so much and am so grateful that now I know about this window into your world! Hugs, Tanya

gretchen said...

This is too wonderful for words! I bet Ned is so happy too. Sweet Pippa is a Mama and our Catie is a Ducka grandmama! I love it. You made my morning. xoxoo

Dianne said...

Oh this brings me such happiness!!! I had no idea she was expecting. You never mentioned it. I am grinning ear to ear. Best news I have heard in a long time! Love you grandma!

Anonymous said...

What sweet little babies :) My nieces and nephews! -Em

Pam said...

you should be a proud mama catie :)
congrats to you and Pippa xoxo

Anonymous said...

So sweet mamma catie! You are AWESOME for taking care of the mamma duck, look how she's doing now :) I love you LOTS <3

catie said...

thank you, sweet friends and sweet daughters of mine, for beaming her with your love and prayers of protection.

and... TANYA!!!!
oh how we miss you! and adore you!
i am so happy that you found my blog. what a wonderful surprise to find you here...
{everyone, tanya was emily's montessori preschool & kindergarten teacher, and was promptly made a part of our family!}
we have lots to catch up on ♥

Irit Avraham said...

Such sweet caring person you are, and these ducks can move every mothers heart, so lovely!

catie said...

hi, irit!
i'm so happy i could share pip's story with you ~ all the way from idaho to israel ♥

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