Friday, May 25, 2012

:: earthly delights csa - week 2 ::

:: our share this week ::
forellenschüss lettuce
red oak leaf lettuce
red giant west indian mustard greens
hakurei turnips
easter egg radishes
pac choi
lamb's quarters
sungold tomato plant
spring onion
green garlic


please head over to northwest food news to read
:: love letter to a csa member ::
written by our ever-amazing farmer,
♥ casey o'leary ♥
here's an excerpt:
"Small scale farming is, if nothing else, a labor of love, and it’s love of food, above all, that joins us together in our seasonal adventure. Sure, there are other loves, other civic duties and economic responsibilities fulfilled by our unique arrangement with each other, and they shouldn’t be underestimated. Through your purchase of a CSA share, you become the banker, replacing the often predatory, impersonal cycle many farmers find themselves chained to in order to buy seeds, soil, and other farm necessities in the spring, long after their last paycheck from the previous season’s crops. You loan us money so we can plant our gardens year after year, rewarding your investment with a bounty of food."
be inspired
right here
{there's even a picture of me & marian}


gretchen said...

I'm curious about a couple of things...First, what is that block in the lower right corner?? Also, what do you make with this? It seems you get a little bit of several things and not a whole lot of any one thing! It doesn't seem like enough of any one thing to feed your family of 4! You're so creative I know you are up to something good!

catie said...

hey gretchen!
sorry, i didn't get the farm newsletter until this morning, so i'll get in there & list the items now.
that block is a little pot holding a tomato plant ~ they usually include one per share in the beginning of the season.
and, this particular pile of farm-grown goodness will be a couple big, luscious salads. in the beginning of the season, there are sometimes some smaller shares, but it all evens out as the season wears on. i am still shopping at the grocery store {and participating in bountiful baskets sometimes}, so this isn't all we eat, by any means. this gives us some locally grown, organic veggies to add in to our diet. {and those baby turnips are our very favorite things} ♥

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