Monday, May 21, 2012

ease my worried mind

tonight, my kids had 
eggs & toast for dinner at 9pm.
tonight was the last time
that we'll have baseball on a school night.
i'm extra glad.

so, how 'bout a video of
marcus miller, david sandborn, & eric clapton
with a really special version of layla?
hope you like it.
'night, now.


Emily said...

I have always loved, loved, loved this song!
Thanks for showing me this version!

Angie said...

Yay for no more late dinners on school nights!!!!

the gardener's cottage said...

oh i remember those days catie.

thanks for sharing this link, i've never seen or heard it before.


ps - did you get my email?

catie said...

emily, glad you liked it!
angie, good to see you today & you have my sympathy for all the other sports/performances you still have this week.
janet, just saw your email {and some others i have missed} thanks for the heads-up ♥

Forever in my heart said...

loved it! I love Eric Clapton.

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