Tuesday, May 1, 2012

keeping cute things safe

she has such a nerve-wracking job,
with nearly a dozen free-wheeling puff balls
to look after.

especially since her puff-balls
look like lunch to this guy.
that's an osprey.
i've seen him dive down and snatch a fish from the pond.

safely covered storm drains
this is one danger i can do something about.
see how close they are to duck-ville?
with ponds on either side of the road,
the mama ducks will sometimes try to cross with their babies.
as if crossing traffic wasn't hazardous enough,
the little ducklings can fall through the grates.
my friend, mary, has rescued several in years past,
so this is her solution.  {thank you, mary!}

it's springtime in my 'hood.

:: i brake for ducks ::
{please tell me you do, too}


Emily said...

Yes, I brake for the ducks in my hood too!
However, I don't see as many as you do.

Dawn said...

oh YES, I brake for Ducks...I also dont see as many, wish I did though :) Love you Duck Mama ♥

Dawn said...

I just wanted to share the link to my video of you with all your duckas :)


Dianne said...

I certainly brake for ducks and do it often. Such is life on the coast of NC!

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