Monday, May 28, 2012

vegan lettuce wraps {from the pioneer woman}

is outrageously easy
and outrageously delicious. 
{and i think it's also gluten-free}
here's the gist:
pan-fry crumbled tofu with fresh corn
season with chili powder & tamari
add a little balsamic vinegar
serve on romaine lettuce leaves with avocado
{we squeezed a lime over the top, which i recommend}

it's our new favorite thing.
i am making this again today, because tofu
is traditionally served on memorial day.
{wait, isn't it?}
go check out the recipe

p.s. having a little trouble with the links.
if the page doesn't load the first time, hit reload.


Emily said...

I think I have told you before, I am not a big tofu fan unless they are very small pieces mixed in with other stuff. I read it has corn, but maybe I will try this and add in some mushrooms too. I do love anything Mexican so it might work for me!

Anastasia Egórova said...

Yummm! This looks absolutely delicious! Yep! :)

Michele Pacey said...

Gee that looks good!...

Why have I never heard of tamari? That's what google is for eh?

catie said...

michele, it's just fancy soy sauce ♥

Dawn said...

this looks SO good...I have been looking for a vegetarian lettuce wrap..definitely going to make this...thanks love!

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