Tuesday, May 29, 2012

an inspiration

have a little look
at what my amazing friend, nicole, is up to.
nicole is the healthiest kid on the block,
{i know this because we both lived on the same little street, villa way}
and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

on may 15th,
just 26 days after her mastectomy, 
she began her bike ride from arcata
to the marin cancer institute
for her first chemotherapy treatment.

three hundred and twenty miles, ya'll.
6 days of pedaling.

with her super sweet husband, garrett,
and two precious kiddos {ages 2 & 5}
following in their VW bus.
as a testament to the amazing community
that is arcata, on the day of her departure,
she had dozens of friends
delivering jars of fresh juice
and broth for her ride.
many even rode part-way with her
as she pedaled out of town.

nicole is raising awareness and money
for 2 amazing organizations,
if you are inclined to make a donation:

with her massive bike ride behind her,
she is setting a new goal 
of pedaling at least one mile every day
through her chemo and radiation treatments,
scheduled to be completed december 1, 2012.

i have known nicole & garrett for many years.
the loveliest folks you could ever hope to meet.
{they own a handmade organic ice cream shop: the arcata scoop}

please visit nicole's blog,
:: kicking my cancer ::
{i'm adding it to my sidebar}
and send her all the love & support
you can muster.


Dawn said...

Catie..what an inspiration in positive attitude your friend Nicole is...I just visited her website, and will be cheering her on!! xoxo

Emily said...

Nicole is a warrior and amazing woman!
Thanks so much for sharing her story.

Anastasia Egórova said...

Beautiful and strong woman...her actitude is breathtaking and inspiring, Catie!

Forever in my heart said...

Great Video, she is a very strong woman. God bless her as she continues her fight.

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