Friday, May 18, 2012

:: earthly delights csa - week 1 ::

the farm season has begun!
we are so fortunate to be csa members
of earthly delights farm in boise.
csa stands for community supported agriculture.
if you click the csa link above, you can scroll down to
see a picture of me & ned & marian from a couple years ago,
and also sign up to receive the earthly delights email newsletter.
this will be our 4th year as members.
we pay for our share before the season starts
and it buys us 18 weeks of amazing
locally grown organic food.

casey is our farmer.
we love her very much.

casey runs the farm with several interns.
learn what it means to be an intern
and read about their experiences here.

:: our share this week ::
red giant west indian mustard greens
drunken woman frizzy headed lettuce
{and, no, i'm not making that up}
baby turnips {my favorite!}
french breakfast radishes
green garlic
brassica bouquet
spring onions

thank you, casey!
thank you, brave interns!

►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄

i made the most amazing salad,
adding roasted asparagus,
pan seared cauliflower,
cubed fancy cheeses,
and a fried egg.

click here
for my very favorite salad dressing recipe.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I'm working on getting Graham and a friend several community service hours at a nearby CSA this summer. I'm hoping they will let us join too---they sold out their shares way fast, so next year I'll know better to jump on it sooner!

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