Friday, September 13, 2013

tomatoes for days

i have processed nearly ten flats
of these gorgeous tomatoes
from our csa, earthly delights farm
i core & chop the tomatoes,
then mix in some chopped onion, garlic,
salt, pepper, olive oil.
i roast them for hours.
first at 350°to get things cooking,
then turning down the heat to about 275°
for a s-l-o-w roast.
after the roasted tomato mixture has cooled,
i pour it into loaf pans & freeze
for gorgeous meals
{like this oneall winter long.
after they are frozen,
i remove the "bricks" from the pans.
i wrap them in parchment paper
and place them inside a plastic bag.


Emily said...

This is so, so smart!
Thanks for your exact cooking instructions too.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Emily - what a great way to preserve and use all year long! I read a recipe where you used a "brick" and wondered if it was something new from the store i.e. the cartons of POM tomatoes. Genius! Thanks for a great idea, Catie!

Dawn said...

i wish i could get my hands on some!! that will be wonderful this fall and winter, to just whip out of the freezer!

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