Saturday, September 18, 2010

rustic roasted tomato bread soup {from tracy porter}

are you familiar with tracy porter?
she is such an inspiration to me.
~{and many of you}~
she is a genius
of fashion, decorating, gardening, cooking...
to name a few of her arenas.

yesterday, i made her recipe for
and it was phenomenal.

tracy first posted this recipe & video
18 months ago,
and i've been meaning to make it ever since then.
{i'm a little slow on the uptake}
it is a bit like she read my mind, though,
as my kitchen counter was full of gorgeous tomatoes
{from monday's csa share,
our own backyard, and a few from friends}
and i was planning to make it this week
when she re-posted the recipe.

i will let you head on over to HER blog
to see the recipe & her loveliness in action.
{click right here}

i adapted her recipe a bit
since i had no olives, leeks, or scallions.

i had lots of organic heirloom tomatoes,

one big yellow onion & 3 partial heads of garlic.
note: since they were partial heads,
i peeled all the cloves prior to roasting.

here is my tomato/onion/garlic mixture
{before} roasting

 {after} roasting

as she predicted,
my whole house,
inside AND outside, 
smelled heavenly.

once i had them in my soup pot,
i used my immersion blender to quickly blend
the roasted tomatoes/onions/garlic.
{this is easier than using a food processor.}

i used my usual vegetarian broth instead of chicken stock.

this is the bread i used
with basil from my garden
and parmesan shavings on top,
the finished soup was epic.

thank you, tracy, for a new family favorite!


martha said...

o heavenly yumminess....any leftovers? THIS is awesome!
Will have to do this-maybe next weekend after i've been to the Farmers Mkt down the street!

mary said...

I've made this a few times since she originally posted & we love it every time. I usually just serve the bread on the side though since I usually have left overs and don't want the bread to get too soggy. Glad you liked it. :)

Denise said...

Looks yummy, Catie! I still haven't tried this recipe - I may need you to ask me in about 3 months if I tried it yet... to remind me! Your pictures are awesome, btw. xoxo

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