Thursday, July 29, 2010

asian kale slaw

this is another family favorite recipe
that is from our amazing farmers.
i make this almost once a week.

mindblowing fact:
my kids will eat raw kale this way.

it is so delicious...
{please prepare to be wowed}

☼ asian kale slaw ☼

1. begin with any mix of finely chopped brassicas
brassicas include: cabbage, kale, collards, broccoli, cauliflower
{you could also mix in some lettuce}

2. make an asian dressing
i use the same ratio that i do for my vinaigrette:
2 parts canola oil, 1 part rice vinegar, 1 part tamari (or soy sauce)
...then i add a few drops of sesame oil...
{you could also add dry mustard, garlic, salt, pepper}

3. add some extras
we love sliced almonds & sesame seeds.
{other ideas: pine nuts, carrots, peas, edamame, radishes, scallions}

4. top with chicken or tofu (we do both).

~ yum ~


Emily said...

This looks amazing! I love slaw, but not the sweet mayo kind. Can't wait to try this!!!!!

Dianne said...

I must have a tofu lesson. Never cooked or eaten it.

Dawn said...

looks amazing!!! I need a tofu lesson too!

Dawn said...

Made this is sooo yummy...we are going to have it with dinner tonight!

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