Friday, September 24, 2010

♥ bunny ♥

around here, he's a VERY big deal.

and today, he got to go to school with ned
for show & tell.

here are ned & bunny the moment they met
{easter 2006, ned was 17 months old}
without question, bunny is the best.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i helped in ned's class today.
such a treat to get to witness this special time.

when it was time for recess, i gave him a kiss,
then stood in the doorway of his classroom
and watched him run out into the sun,
down onto the playground with his friends.

it's all still so new for him,
and recess is the part
he looks forward to the most.
i pressed the moment into my memory.
like a handprint into clay.


Anonymous said...

Hi mamma. this is SUCH a cute picture of Neddy. Love you (give him a kiss for me) -EM

Dianne said...

Catie we have a bunny at my house that is very special too. Andy ,who is 29 now, slept with him every night of his childhood. Neither of us could bear to get rid of him when he is a permanent fixture on the upstairs guest room bed. I bring him down to a place of honor during Easter. :) His name is "Rabbit" of course!!

Emily said...

We have blue bear and "kiggys" Blue bear was Graham's and Kiggys was a Piglet my son Aaron adored. I still have them, safe and sound in a box.....Ned is a sweetheart. Continue to enjoy his kisses, cause he will not do it in public soon!

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