Friday, September 17, 2010

show & tell

friday is ned's show & tell day.

show & tell is not really a time for boring.
no, show & tell
is when you break out the über-cool.
the unbelievable.

with that in mind,
he chose his magnetic rocks.
he demonstrated for the class
how he can put one rock on top of the table
and {magically} move it around
with another rock underneath the table.
a trick that, according to his teacher,
was very much appreciated
by his colleagues.


Dianne said...

What a face! I love that he is enjoying school so much. His trick is pretty unbelievable!

jill said...

awww, his smile is priceless! what a cutie. i'm sure all the kindergartners were mesmerized by both the rocks and the magician...who wouldn't be?!

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