Sunday, September 26, 2010

earthly delights harvest party 2010

it was a really cool shindig
on this gorgeous day
in a northwest boise backyard.

there was a delicious potluck
from mostly local ingredients
{with a contest ~ the tomatillo berry crisp won}

there were several musical guests,
poetry readings,
and then ned sang the abc's

there were favorite farm games of yore:
a three-legged race & potato sack races.

ned won the sack race... twice.
here he is with his farm-fresh prizes:

if you live near boise,
you would be well-advised to
click here
and find a way to connect with these great folks.

you could:

1. buy a csa share for next summer
for 18 weeks of local, organic produce

2. buy a winter csa share
for 10 weeks of homemade soup & bread

3. attend one of their workshops on
seed saving, canning, homebrewing,
fruit tree pruning, backyard chickens,
or urban permaculture.

4. just call or email them and ask for a farm tour
or find out how you can get involved.

earthly delights is not a traditional farm.
it is made up of several urban backyards
in northwest boise.
homeowners allow the farmers to grow
crops in their backyards,
maximizing diversity and production
in previously underutilized lots.

locally grown food is healthier
for us,
for the environment,
and for the local economy.

the web of earthly delights farmers, interns,
neighbors, friends, and family
is a model for a sustainable, happy world.

and they throw one heck of a party.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Looks like fun. Tell Ned that Pa loves him and the Las Vegas Baseball shirt.


Emily said...

How much fun! I love how you support your farmer friends!

Kelly said...

Catie, you know how much I love this! What great folks...I've been looking for people like this to use my land for their CSA's on Landshare, to no avail. I have all this land, and even though we have our own garden, I don't have the time or knowledge to do a CSA (although I LURVE the soup and bread idea....). Maybe these nice people know some gardeners in Colorado that would be interested?

Nicki said...

Ok... I think I just might move to Boise... as long as I can be your next-door neighbor, Catie!

jill said...

can we start a commune?! i want to live in boise too... although we do have a great csa close by, yours looks fab! the party looks like good for the soul, healthy FUN. ned is too.too.cute!

catie said...

yay, jill & nicki!!!
new neighbor~durls!
a commune is the best idea i've heard all day.

kelly ~ if it's okay, i will pass your question & email address to my farmers.
i can only guess that they have farmer friends in colorado...

{hi, emily!}

dad ~ ned loves you, too. he did the las vegas 51s proud with his big wins!
it's so sweet how excited he is about the jar of dilly beans. he's still reminding me, "i won!"

Anonymous said...

And how do we get our hands on that tomatillo berry crisp recipe?

catie said...

hello, anonymous!
per your request, i will provide said recipe in tomorrow's post {thursday the 30th} as i attempt to duplicate the insanely delicious, amazingly beautiful, prize-winning...
just for you.
'cuz i'm nice that way.

Kelly said...

Thanks Catie!! I'd really love to hear from them and get something going here. xoxo

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