Wednesday, September 22, 2010

do you ever... put your hair up with a knot & a chopstick?

this is what i do with my just-washed hair

i gather it up as if i'm making a ponytail,
twist it into a knot,
then skewer it securely
{say that 5 times fast}
with a fancy chopstick.
{you can also use a pencil}

it's quick, easy, pretty,
& better for your hair than an elastic band.

have you ever tried to photograph the back of your head?
it's not easy.

and this hairstyle has a bonus:
once it's dry,
it has turned my stick-straight hair
into loose ringlet curls.

i actually made these beaded chopsticks
13 years ago when i worked here.

{i was even their hair model!}


Emily said...

Must get a chopstick!!!!!!! Hope I can get one as cute as yours! I'm on the hunt!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Oh, chop-chop. Your beautiful hair is perfect for such a do!

catie said...

thanks, virginia!

emily ~ i just KNOW you could make one of these! you probably have everything you need already. the laquerware chopsticks must be sawed at the end to expose the wood, then hammer on some pretty beads! voila!

Anonymous said...

And you are still as beautiful as you were then. Love, Mom

catie said...

aw, shucks, ma...
you sure are good for a girl's self esteem.
love you ♥

Dawn said...

I love the modeling pic!!
I did this to my hair for Chinese New Year this year, and when I was given a shower for Lucy!! Must do again!!

jill said...

wow! beautiful picture, catie! i used to do this to my hair with a pencil in college (just a few years ago ;)

i may have to try it again, i think my hair is once again long enough...i love the idea with the chopstick!

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