Saturday, September 25, 2010

fall window

brown, orange, warm red.
pewter, gold, tarnished silver, rust.

i have redone my kitchen window.

i'm dedicating it to
who, like me, has a fall birthday
and who needs it's familiar, cozy warmth
more than ever.

{fall is my favorite season}


martha said...

oh catie, this is g o o d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fall is my fave too-am going to do some fall fluffing here midweek....cannot wait!Love the rich warm colors....and cocooning.Makes me wanna make some of your scones ! Hugs to you, and to rebeccca too!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Ohh so pretty!! I love it when you show us your kitchen window! Love to you and to Rebecca too. xoxox Gretchen

Dawn said...

Gorgeous!! I love seeing what you do here...I need to get my fall decor out! xoxo

Emily said...

So much beauty... your window and our sweet Rebecca!

Dianne said...

Love it when you show us your window..and the orchid lives on! Amazing!
Love you Rebecca and wishing you many nights of warm cozy fires and conversation this fall!

Rebecca said...

Oh Catie. I am so touched and honored that you have dedicated this exquisiteness to me - it is all so beautiful and rich and layered and absolutely full of YOU. You know I adore your photography, and these are such great frames of your window. Thank you for emailing me so I wouldn't miss it - not too much online time at the moment around here. This is such a loving gesture, and believe me when I say that the familiar, cozy warmth of it all will keep me warm all fall and winter too. Girls, thank you all for your kindness too - you sure know how to lift someone up! Catie, I am right there with you looking at (and out) of your kitchen window...sharing tea and hugs and feeling so lucky to have you for a friend! xoxoxoxo

jill said...

what a sweet sentiment, catie. and a lovely vignette for sure. you, my friend, are one *talented* girl... you're inspiring me to move into fall decor. ♥ it!

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