Tuesday, September 28, 2010

favorite quick breakfast: egg sandwich

hot, quick, delicious,
and more than 25 grams of protein.
what more could you ask for?

whole wheat english muffin
farm fresh egg
veggie sausage
cheddar cheese
{and butter}

...serve with fresh orange slices...

~ YUUUM! ~

p.s. this is the veggie sausage i buy


Dianne said...

Never tried veggie sausage. Are they full of sodium? I need a low sodium replacement to Bacon/sausage for G.

catie said...

dianne ~
my veggie sausage has 260 mg of sodium per patty.
i checked a comparable "jimmy dean" version and it has 305 mg of sodium per patty.
so, not much better.
but i did find this:
(you'll have to copy & paste because it won't make a link here.)

mary said...

Hmmm, maybe I could get my son to try this! I like the grab & go potential too! Catie, I remember a long time ago you mentioned a protein bar that you had for breakfast. Do you still get those? I tried looking for it at the time with no luck & now I can't remember the name.

Emily said...

Looks delish! And I have had many Morning Star veggie/meat subs products. They are good! But, I put my breakfast sandwiches on gluten free bread. I have found a terrific brand---Udi's---if anyone is interested!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Oh this looks so delish. I usually skip breakfast, or eat cereal on the run. This may inspire me to actually cook a little something in the morning! xoxoo Gretchen

catie said...

mary ~ yes, those are called perfect foods bars. i've stopped buying them only because they are pricey. a box of them makes my bag of groceries $25.00 more expensive. (you can buy them individually.} they are great for when you don't really feel like eating breakfast, or when you realize too late that you should have eaten breakfast.
here's the website: http://www.perfectfoodsbar.com/
just did a search with your zip code & the closest store is "the fresh market" in brookfield.
{look for them in the refrigerated section}

Pam said...

first of all..thank you and MIRIAM! for the sweet comment on my blog! made my day! and I love these sausages too..Steve makes egg sandwiches on the weekends..nothing better with oj and cup of coffee! xoxo

mary said...

thanks Catie! I'll have to get out there.

Dawn said...

I am going to add these sausage patties to my grocery list!!
Sometimes I need something a little different than oatmeal :)

Dawn said...

Bought these sausages today on the way home from Lucy's Chinese Lesson, and made these sandwiches for Lucy and I for lunch today...delicious! Bennett ate two of the patties by themselves..and he says "mmmm artifical ingredients" or something to that effect because he thought I had bought "real" sausage (I usually buy turkey sausage)...little did he know what these are made out of ...ssshhhh :)

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