Tuesday, September 21, 2010


i love them
and how he says callapitters

~~ also ~~
breakfast is brek-dis
animal is ama-lul
squirrel is sqwuh-luh


Emily said...

Oh how I love me some NED and all of his Nedisms!
P.S. When I was his age, I called pancakes "panty cakes".

Nicki said...

Hi Catie! What a great post! Such cute little expressions... On the last one, Sabrina talked the same way: "gul-luh" for girl, "wuh-luhld" for world...Justin used to say "hangaber" for hamburger...Adam called both catsup and syrup, "shoo-pop", and we still sometimes use that word around here! (Uh- oh, ya got me started...) Oh, and BTW, I love the way you made your formatting red & black, like the callapitters.... Clever, clever Catie! xoxo

catie said...

emily ~ panty cakes!! love it. my emily used to call them paMcakes.

nicki ~ sounds like sabrina is my kind of gul-luh. and i think we're officially switching all sauces to shoo-pop.

martha said...

callapitters...this is the best...
miss those kinda days so much....now Peter's filling out college apps...i DON"T know how this happens so fast....please SAVE Ned's pic-am sure you will..
Thanks for sharing this delightfulness with us!!
Children's art is simply wonder~ful

mary said...

so sweet! thanks for the smile!! :)

Dianne said...

Love, love, love the art!!!!

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