Saturday, September 11, 2010

obey the grey {un}

check out what i just made on polyvore...
thanks, jill, for letting me know about this site.
obey the grey
{{not to mention other really cool stuff!!!}}
check back tomorrow for
obey the grey {deux}


jill said...

ay-yi-yi! your creative mind set loose on polyvore! i can only imagine the loveliness you'll bring forth...

funny, i'm in such a grey phase currently. i just purchased a light grey purse/satchel - it would fit perfectly in your set :)

can't wait for part deux! so glad i popped in (taking a break from the in-laws ;)

jill said...

♥♥♥anthro cardi♥♥♥

Dawn said...

OH i love this all! I tried polyvore but couldn't figure it out, I guess I should spend a little more time!

Of course, you can link to my grey post! I love those shoes...i bet they are so comfy.

I am excited for part deux too!!

catie said...

hey, jill & dawn!
it took me a little while to get the hang of polyvore... but it is SO much fun!
i even uploaded a few of these items myself: the anthro cardi & shirt & the shoes.
dawn, i have these shoes! they are so cute & comfy.
more tomorrow!! ♥

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