Tuesday, August 31, 2010

earthly delights - csa bounty week 14

here is our csa share for this week:
green beans
summer squash
ground cherries (see below*)
magic garlic
yellow onion
jalapeños (or earrings for ned)
sweet corn

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
here's a link to earthly delights farm
where our csa share comes from.

*are you scratching your head about
ground cherries?

oh, heavens, are you in for a treat.
they look like tiny yellow tomatillos;
like little lanterns.
here they are with a few tomatillos,
just so you get the idea...
you peel back their papery husks...
and they taste like pineapple.
curious?  click here.


Vava (aka Virginia) said...

I hesitate to ask my Princess of All Things Fresh Friend...BUT here goes. Is there a way to make frozen (gasp!) edamame delish?

catie said...

well, virginia, frozen edamame is the kind i'm most familiar with. and the way i make it delish is S-A-L-T. it is such a great healthy treat... in the winter months, it is a cozy, warm after-school snack. ♥

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