Monday, March 28, 2011

◄ beads ►

the theme of our spring break stay-cation is
we have made more than 20 bracelets
{and i made a chunky turquoise necklace}

and we're still not finished


Emily said...

Now your talking! I drove 45 minutes to a bead shop the other day that I discovered on-line. Worth the drive! Will these be gifts?

catie said...

hi, emily!
a couple of these are gifts, but marian goes to school with several entrepreneur girls ~ they make & sell things {one makes duck tape wallets, another makes string friendship bracelets}. she will sell & trade these with her pals, then use the money to buy more beads!
the turquoise necklace i made is for me, though : )

Dianne said...

Love your jewels, especially the turqoise necklace!!! I have several beads like those...I should send them to you to make me a necklace. :)Glad Marian is spending her time wisely and not in front of the TV. You're an excellent mom!

Anonymous said...

Tell Marian that Grandma has a birthday coming up before long. Love, Grandma

Denise said...

Wow!! The jewelry pieces are SO cool and it's even cooler that Marian is a little business woman! LOVE it!!

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