Wednesday, March 9, 2011

five-ten-fifteen-frugal :: home fries at home

brunch at your favorite place isn't cheap.
making home fries at home IS cheap.
especially when you start with 
a few leftover baked potatoes.
yummy for brunch.
yummy for dinner.

chop cold cooked potatoes

heat olive oil & butter in a pan

add potatoes
season with salt / pepper
paprika / onion powder / garlic powder / thyme
and saute until golden brown

serve with poached eggs & buttered toast.
top with shredded cheese,
chopped avocado, tomato, & sour cream

be sure to leave yourself a nice, big tip.
you really deserve it.


Jessica said...

This just made me so hungry at 11pm. Time for bed. Wonder if I'll dream of home fries.....

martha said...

oh yum, heading RIGHT over! This is lovely all plated got me at potatoes and avocado

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