Thursday, March 24, 2011

the cricket {times seven}

i'll bet that you have read this,

but have you read these?

back in the fall,
i began reading the cricket in times square
to ned & marian every night.
it was ned's first time reading a lengthy chapter book.
i was impressed with his ability to
listen to an entire chapter at a time
with very few pictures.

i saw that there were other cricket-related titles
{all written by george selden & illustrated by garth williams}
and found each of them at our library.

we have finished the very last book.
some were better than others,
but we have really enjoyed these stories.

and by reading like this for months & months,
we have made it a habit.
we are through with the cricket books,
but that reading time is still there.
every night.
we have carved out a permanent and peaceful
20-minute pocket of time,
after baths and right before bed,
that we all look forward to.

and now we are reading these

what are YOU reading?


Dawn said...

I have not read the Cricket Series, must check them out...LOVE Frog and Toad..I have to admit, Lucy LOVES Junie B Jones...I skip over some of the words or phrases that I don't want her "knowing", but she and LAUGH out loud, that Junie is so naughty!!

Dawn said...

I meant "she and I" laugh out loud!

Dianne said...

You are the perfect mom Catie. I am not one bit surprised! It also does not surprise me that Ned likes to listen to the chapters...he's a very smart cookie. :)

Anonymous said...

I remember reading lots of books to you and Ronnie but the one I really remember is Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls. I loved it but I thought we would never finish it. Love you, Mom

Emily said...

You are doing a marvelous thing!
I loved reading books with my boys. My best memory......reading "Where the Red Fern Grows". We all cried and cried together! I will never forget it!

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