Saturday, March 26, 2011


i read this

i watched this

i listened to this

i saw this
{it's duck poop}


Julie Johnson said...

Too funny. The book looks great! I'm in the "no rules" camp of interior design. :)

Emily said...

Well, at the least the duck poop was smiling, not frowning!
So funny!
Did you like Undecorate?
My favorite blogger's house, Lisa from Bloomsbury, is featured in it!

Dawn said...

Must check out that book...what did you think of the movie??

catie said...

the book is great ~ beautiful, unique homes.
so many different styles. all unfussy & relaxed. you will love it.

the movie is okay ~ i am not a big miley fan.
there were some questionable scenes ~ alotta kissing & some anger/potential violence from one shady character.
we struggle to find something kid-friendly
{i had ned cover his eyes when it got too kissy}
: )

Dianne said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. That book is interesting. I love Lisa's home, especially the quince branches wallpaper in the foyer and halls. :)

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