Thursday, March 10, 2011

city mouse :: country mouse

my best friend missy lives in the sticks.
the boonies.
the woods.
it takes her an hour to get to the grocery store.
in a 4-wheel-drive vehicle.
let me put it this way:
when she orders a pizza, 
"delivery" is not an option.
the lack of any pizza delivery service
is somewhat offset by the fact that
she and her husband own and live on 
a beautiful organic farm.
{take THAT, domino's!}

i live in town.
a neighborhood with sidewalks & sprinklers.
i can be at the grocery store in about 3 minutes.
i could have a hot cup of coffee delivered 
if i wanted to.

city mouse & country mouse,
and so it has been for nearly 20 years.

city mouse would visit country mouse
to bounce her colicky baby on the trampoline
while country mouse took a nap.
on her visits, city mouse would go barefoot
and pick flowers and swim in the river.

country mouse would visit city mouse
to bring her strawberries and lettuce
and the very best squash on the planet.
on her visits, country mouse would sometimes
do a load of laundry and pick up her packages.
{ups does not deliver to country mouse.}

city mouse and country mouse 
talk on the phone for hours {kidding}
even though country mouse gets
they compare strategies for raising chidren.
they sing zip-a-dee-doo-dah.
they laugh.  they cry.
they bitch.  they moan.
they poke fun of one another.
they reflect upon the meaning of life.
they weave themselves 
just a little bit tighter together.

city mouse :: country mouse
{smiling sweetly to one another at marian's birth, 1999}

country mouse :: city mouse
{missy's wedding, 2001}

city mouse :: country mouse
{ 2008 }

many of you know 
that missy is doing her level best
to save her own life.

you can read more about her
and help if you are able at
{i have added the widget to my sidebar}

♥ love you, country mouse ♥


Pam said...

Catie..I love these photos of you and Missy. What a beautiful post. I pray Missy keeps on fighting. And I love this book!

MA said...

Catie - you are such a devoted loving friend. I will also pray for Missy's fight. What a beautiful post with some of the warmest images ever.
Love you my friend and hugs to your country mouse
MA :)

Anonymous said...

this is so sweet, those pictures of you guys cracked me up... love you both.

love, EM

jennifer said...

what a devoted friendship... i love the pictures. friendships like yours are one in a million.

Dawn said...

Catie...I adore this post. I love reading about your friendship with Missy, and I pray for her fight...xoxo

Denise said...

What a beautiful friendship you have... You're both very blessed. I know you treasure every minute... xoxo

jill said...

this very sweet post speaks volumes about your friendship and kindred spirits and it brings tears to my eyes. praying for missy and for you. xoxo ♥

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