Thursday, March 3, 2011

thursday links

cool stuff, everywhere i look.
check. it. out.

 is getting recognized

a stunningly gorgeous
:: work of art ::
comes together right before your very eyes

:: an inspiring quote ::
about the desire to create

{watch how he handles a scarf malfunction with moxie}

:: a video ::
that warms my heart

:: a blog ::
that makes me feel more organized
{she also has some incredibly cool DIY projects here, here, and here}

:: a necklace ::
i want to make
{dawn, this blog has your name written all over it!}

:: a soup recipe ::
to warm you

:: an online class ::
that i wish i was taking

a new cheap & wholesome
:: skin care gig ::
that i'm trying

simple inspiration {clip}boards from
:: march, february, january ::
{and you KNOW how i love clipboards}

and a belated
happy birthday, dr. seuss!


Dawn said...

So much to love here:
thanks for the Lucy Love
tracy's lunch
that charming party...LOVE
the soup recipe :)
OCM...I have been thinking about this too...must try..Vava loves it!
love the clipboard idea..lots of empty space on mine!
we took a dr.seuss pic today too!!
green eggs and ham!
oh...and CUTIE pie Ned Weldon!!!

Dawn said...

oh and the online course...wouldn't that be fabulous??!!

Emily said...

The OCM made my skin dry out, and I have somewhat oily skin. Would love to know how you are feeling about it after a couple of weeks.
Lenny rocked that scarf right off! Richard and I love him and go see him whenever we can. He is always amazing live! That on-line class looks good!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Great links! I DO love the face cleanser....been using it for months!!! I have dry skin and it's made my skin feel better. Happy Bday, Ned!! :)

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