Monday, March 14, 2011

egg salad sandwiches

or as my friend, kristen, used to call them, egg shell sandwiches.
maybe our school cafeteria could have been 
a bit more fastidious when peeling the eggs.

do you love egg salad sandwiches?
i do.
they are so 50's lunch counter.

here's how i make them...

1. boil eggs
i boil for a minute, then let them sit for 20 more.
peel under cold running water.

2. mix together
- chopped eggs -
- chopped celery -
- mayonnaise -
- mustard -
- salt & pepper -

3. serve on toasted bread



Dianne said...

You do not use pickles? I need to try this way.

catie said...

well, i need to try them with pickles.
do you use dill or bread & butter pickles?

jennifer said...

I like to use sweet pickle relish or chutney in my egg salad....

Dianne said...

Catie I use sweet pickle relish. tell me, does the mayo with OO taste different? I know it must be healthier.

catie said...

i don't notice a difference in the taste ~ i switched because my mom said it was healthier.

Dawn said...

YUM...I make my egg salad with sweet relish too Dianne!! And I like the OO mayo, doesnt taste any different to me either!

Emily said...

I like it more savory, so no sweet pickles or relish for me!
I like it with celery, without, with pickles, without.
We always seem to change it up.
We lived on these when we were first married.
Filling, and easy on the pocket book!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I chop up a little onion and add that. Love, Mom

Dianne said...

Well I made this today without the pickles as you suggested and added the onions as mom suggested...delish! I served them on toasted English Muffins! :)

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