Sunday, March 6, 2011


a sweet little box of fluffy goodness 
landed on my doorstep the other day.
it was from 
by way of my mom.

our flavors are
peanut butter crunch
toasted coconut

so. incredibly. good.
we took a bite and then
had to close our eyes for a moment.

our favorite is s'mores
torched tops with bits of graham crackers and chocolate mixed in.

thanks, ma.


MA said...

I was thinking of you as I popped toffees today! :) YUMMO! Have you ever tried smores on flour tortillas? That's a niftily tasty treat too. :)
Thanks mom!

mle777 said...

mmmm save me some!!

catie said...

m.a. ~ tell me smore about the tortilla smores... i love smores made with nutella ~ YUM.

yes, emmy, i'm saving some marshmallows for you ♥

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