Saturday, March 5, 2011

in all suess-ness

elementary schools across the country
celebrated the life & work of dr. seuss this week.
{his birthday is march 2nd}

ned and his friends 
ate green eggs & ham,
made giant paper hats,
and read lots of dr. seuss books.
they wore silly socks & inside-out shirts,
and created some suess-inspired artwork.

:: the yawner ::
{the black lines are "squiggles" to start with} 

:: the foctopus ::
{you know, sort of a fox/octopus}

did you know that dr. seuss wrote in
anapestic tetrameter:

Anapestic tetrameter consists of four rhythmic units, anapests, each composed of two weak beats followed by one strong beat; often, the first weak syllable is omitted, or an additional weak syllable is added at the end. An example of this meter can be found in
"Yertle the Turtle":
"And today the Great Yertle, that Marvelous he
Is King of the Mud. That is all he can see."

{above is from wikipedia}

you learn new things here on my blog, 
dontcha now?

get your seuss on here.


MA said...

Hi Honey!
Tell Ned that his Yawner was so realistic that I yawned when I saw it!! (him/her?)\
I love Dr Seuss!! I read his Happy Birthday To You to my niece in her 1st grade class on her birthday this year. I made a spool of red felt hotdogs and some orange felt Dr. Derring's Singing Herrings to share with the class!! How VERY fun!!
AND I bet you didn't know that I can recite the ENTIRE How the Grinch Stole Christmas!! It was my son Gable's favorite book and I had to read it to him EVERY night - all years long. I ended up memorizing it - to this day! Sometimes when I can't sleep I'll think it to myself. :) Who better to fall asleep with than Max and Cindy Lou?? :)
Love you, Ned and that Yawner! (and everyone else too:)

MA said...

...and yes, in case you were wondering...the hotdogs ALL had mustard.

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