Tuesday, March 29, 2011

chicka chicka

we are now out of beads,
so we have started a new stay-cation theme:

my talented and industrious friend, jessica,
has begun her backyard flock of five little hens.
{note: she petitioned her neighborhood committee
for an exception the regulations in order to do this - go jessica!}
when she told me they would have to take
the babies with them to grandma's house,
i offered to chicken-sit for a few days.

{i think our next theme will be: haircut}


Dawn said...

oh my goodness....I just turned down an offer last week to chicken sit...basically "I chickened out" and now I regret it so much...I am ready for my little flock, the only hold up is the cost of a coop...so if I dont do it this year, next for sure!!

I have to know...WHERE are you keep these little guys??? I know IF I get my own, they have to stay inside/warm until they feather, so I am curious??

Dawn said...

oh and before I get my "feathers all ruffled" I better check into our neighborhood association's by-laws...oops forgot about those, and I live next door to the HOA President :)

catie said...

dawn ~ they are in a BIG rubbermaid tub with a clip-on light for warmth. it's really the same set-up we had with our ducklings. she keeps them in her kitchen {it's a big kitchen}, but we have them in marian's room so we can keep them safe from our cat.

you might get in touch with jessica about the technicalities, she's sort of a pro now : )

Dianne said...

Oh you were meant to have feathered babies. :)

Emily said...

I do see chickens in your future!

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