Monday, March 21, 2011

kids art :: colored pencils

kids are naturally artistic.
even simple letters and numbers
are rendered with uniqueness.
their creativity flows unfiltered onto paper.

i love colored pencils for kids' drawings.
they allow precise expression of delicate details.

{ned's fox}
{ned's sharkfish}
{ned's three-winged dragon}

and i love the effect picnik's invert has on these.


Dawn said...

LOOK at all those pretty pencils...I was just going through our supplies the other day, and we have practically ZERO colored pencils left..must replenish, for the "precise expression of delicate details" as Ned shows here...VERY talented you are Ned!! xoxo

Emily said...

Ned is really a creative kid. I just love his drawings. Cool last pic!

Dianne said...

Love Ned's fox with the belly button! Actually I love all of Ned's art. He is very creative...much like his mom.

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