Tuesday, March 15, 2011

:: mossy saucer ::

:: mossy saucer one ::

:: mossy saucer two ::
{picnik effect: orton-ish}

:: mossy saucer three ::
{picnik effect: hdr-ish}

:: mossy saucer four ::
{picnik effect: 1960's}

:: mossy saucer 5 ::
{picnik effect: posterize}

:: mossy saucer 6 ::
{picnik effect: cross process}

do you picnik?
it's fun and it's free.


Pam said...

We just recently discovered picnik too!! love it..oh I wish there were more hours in the day!! xoxo love your mossy saucer. (hey, that would be a cool blog/store/book name no???) The Mossy Saucer by Catie. :) The last one is my favorite.

Dawn said...

LOVE picnik!! I love "cross process" !!

Anonymous said...

Super cool...going there now! Thanks for the tip! xo

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