Wednesday, March 30, 2011

midweek update

a puzzle

the first flower

treats from the dentist
{a punchy balloon thingy & a furry leopard bracelet}
& no cavities!

my new necklace
{i made it with beads we've had for YEARS}

a special dessert
{from grandma}


Anonymous said...

Hope you like the caramel bars. I can't buy that mix here--nobody carries it. My friend brings it to me from OHio so it is a treat when she brings it. Love, Mom

Emily said...

I don't think my stores carry this flavor either. I have the best orange cookie recipe using the orange flavor cake mix, and I can never find it too!

Denise said...

Catie - LOVE your new necklace!! And those chocolatey/caramel treats look yummy. That's my fav flavor combo - don't think I've ever seen that cake mix before. I went to the dentist yesterday too, Ned and no cavities!! But I didn't get a cool furry leopard bracelet and fun balloon - all I got was a silly old toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. :-(

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