Wednesday, August 25, 2010

back-to-school + duck update

in the midst of sadness
over my very literal empty nest,
i have been busy
with the back-to-school rituals
for my kids.

emily started school on monday.
this is her friend, tolley, on the left.
{get a load of the first-day-of-school lashes on tolley.}

marian starts school this monday.
she has mastered the art of the combination lock
well in advance.

ned starts school this monday, as well.
per his grandparents' request,
he received a kindergarten haircut.
{before}                            {after}

and now, the duck update.
your comments from yesterday's post
have meant so much to me.
this has been tougher than i had expected.
this evening, we went to visit the ducks.
pip rushed to my side
and ate the cracked corn i brought.
pip sat in my lap
and checked to see if i was wearing earrings.
(you know, to try to peck them out of my ears.)
we did not see patito,
but it was getting dark and it was hard to see.
patito is better at being a duck & blending-in.
pip, less so.
and i worry about that.
thankfully, we were able to walk away
without pip following us.
i know it's only the first day,
but what will i do
if pip doesn't seem to crack the code of ducks?
what if pip would rather live with us?
emily reminded me tonight
that it was "the summer of the ducks,"
not "the lifetime of the ducks."

please remind me that i'm doing the right thing.


Emily said...

Dearest Catie,
Please give Pip more time. It has only been one day. And if he ever tries to follow you home.....well, then this is where he is meant to be. Let him dictate it all for you. Love your heart!

jennifer said...

you are most def doing the right thing. pip will adjust, give it time. you will adjust too and i predict that there will soon be a new foster baby (or 2) in your future. oxoxo

Dawn said...

I love that Pip came right to you...he knows who his mama is! I agree with Em...give him time, but if he does follow you home...then you know where he is meant to be!

wow Monday...we start on the 8th, so a couple more weeks for us!
I like Ned's haircut , and Emily and Marian look so grown up!

Anonymous said...

I do know how you feel, and have been there with Sunni. It IS the right thing and Pip will assimilate in no time at all. I had to stay away for a few weeks from Sunni's new barn (but I would drive by just to peek). After seeing she
was making new friends, I felt so much better and realized that after all, she's a horse. Pip will get there, but going there every day and having him see you might not help. Above all, go with your heart. If you're worried, then check up on him. I love Ned's haircut!!
Hang in there,
Kel xoxo

Dianne said...

LOVE Ned's haircut. Thank you grandparents, must be our age! :)
Pip needs time. He will crack the code. You have done the right thing for sure. Rest that all will be well!
Love you Catie!

Vava (aka Virginia) said... are SUCH a handsome kindergartener!
You ARE doing the right thing, Catie...

jill said...

tears, again...but, you have to understand that i am a total mush to begin with AND this is a tough week with new beginnings - and new realizations that life moves on (even though i keep saying, where's the pause button??)
i'm going through what you'll be going through next monday - sam started 6th grade wed. and annie starts kindergarten tomorrow. *gasp* it's all too much!

so reading your posts hits home - and i feel for you, sista! hang in there - good things lie ahead for all...the duckies, the kiddos and you. when i stop to look around - everyone else seems to be really fine with it all - i'm the one freaking out! i need to watch and learn (and maybe relax a bit too ;)

take care, catie. ♥ (and, yes - ned's haircut is soo cute!)

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