Tuesday, August 17, 2010

one of my favorite things

i bought this custom necklace a few years ago from
it is one of the things i treasure most.
ned loves to find his name
hanging around my neck.
even my older girls
love it when i wear their names.

at the same time that i ordered mine,
i ordered one for my dear friend, natalie.
i think they mean even more
since we both have them.
kind of like friendship necklaces.

this necklace opened my eyes
to the world of blogging
lisa has a beautiful blog,
her twin sister has a beautiful blog,
and through them i found
and countless other sweet & inspiring blogs.

lisa's oldest son, david, is scheduled to have
open-heart surgery very soon.
get to know her family here
and check out her beautiful custom designs here.

p.s. dianne,
check out lisa's blog post from yesterday
about a beautiful wedding - it is full of inspiration
(like a vintage typewriter for guests
to type a note to the bride & groom).


Dawn said...

ooh Catie...I love this necklace...I have entered every lisa leonard giveaway i can find...I willl own one of her necklaces one day!

AND that wedding...Dianne has to check it out...LOVE the typewriter idea!

Dianne said...

On my way to check the wedding...does anyone have a vintage typewriter? :)

jennifer said...

what a great necklace! going to check out the wedding now....

Emily said...

Lisa is adorable, your necklace is stunning,and that wedding is unlike any I have ever seen! How unique, right down to the mix and match antique chairs around the tables. Fabulous!!!!!

martha said...

beautiful necklace...again tears..i am NEVER going to handle empty nest nxt yr with grace...
off to ck the wedding stuff..

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