Tuesday, August 10, 2010

lost & found

last night, in a thunderstorm,
maisy took off.
she has never run away in all of her 6 years.
we searched by scooter, bike, and car for 3 hours,
calling her name.
{"MAY-zee!  Maisy, come!"}
at one point, there was
thunder, lightning, and torrents of rain.
but, no little white doggy.
after staring at her empty dog bed,
i fell asleep feeling terrible.

this morning,
i was on the phone reporting our "lost dog"
when the mailman delivered a box from my mom.
maisy was right on his heels.
he said that she had been following him
all morning.
oh, maisy-girl.
what would we do without you, kooky dog?

but, that's not all
that happened yesterday...

emily had seen what she guessed was a wild rabbit
while she was walking the day before.
she headed out yesterday evening
saying she wanted to see if it was still there.

it was.
and it was very near a busy road.

she called and asked marian bring a box,
and the two of them were able to catch

emily immediately made and posted
"FOUND BUNNY" signs.

(please let me know if you discover
that you have misplaced your bunny.)

hello, my name is catie.
i have three kids, two dogs, two ducks,
one cat, and someone else's rabbit.


Dawn said...

well of course emily would find a bunny! the word is out to the animals catie girl, your house is THE place!! xoxo

Emily said...

I'm so glad Maisy made a safe return. And Emily has learned from the best on how to rescue animals and need! Love Ned's little sweet hand with the carrot too!

Dianne said...

I am laughing and thinking that is one smart bunny!!! He knows a good home when he sees it. That rabbit must be someone's pet to be handled so easily. My sister has 2 pet bunnies if you need bunny advice. Oh Dr Dolittle would be so proud. Love you and your zoo Catie Grace!!!

Dianne said...

Catie, Garland said to tell you "No, we have not misplaced a bunny"! This post is so funny, we have both laughed all day.

Anonymous said...

Laughing out loud! Your sweet family is a natural animal rescue magnet....a safe haven for all who are lost or abandoned! No doubt it's your nurturing spirit. If I lose my way, can I show up at your door too? ;)
I'm so happy Maisy found her way home... xoxo

jill said...

♥ this post, catie! it made me laugh and and tear up - how sweet and loving are you and your children.

martha said...

wow-your home is THE PLACE to be lately! Keep us posted about the bunny-i CANNOT show this to holly or she;ll be heading your way-she LOVES rabbits-had one named Macy-she needs to live on a farm one day when ryan can swing it-she is an animal LOVER!

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