Thursday, August 26, 2010

summerboy + duck update

able to swim with floaties,
eat his weight in blackberries,
and do the hula-hoop.

look!  there in the pool! 
it's a bird.  it's a plane.  it's...

yes, ned is fo sho getting his money's worth
out of this last week of summer vacation.

and now, the duck update...
{thank you for bearing with me on this one}
tonight, we walked to the pond after dinner
to visit our favorite duckas.
out of the flock of a hundred ducks
they both came to greet us.
{pip}                                   {patito}
they pecked at us in the most loving way.
i let pip have a go at my earrings.
both ducks seemed great.
pip was a bit more at ease than yesterday...
 less rattled
by the rogue band of mannerless ducks.
she even shared her cracked corn
with a few of them.
we stayed for a good long while,
then walked on without incident.
{no worrisome quacking or following us home}

i feel worlds better than i did last night.
my heart is light.
i know that they will be okay
and i love the fact
that we can walk to visit them here:


Dianne said...

This is the best of both worlds with the duckas! Yippee! You are amazing.
and....I love Ned's haircut! Does he start school this year ( kindergarten?) in real school?

mary said...

Hey Summerboy! You Rock!!
Catie, it is soooooooooo adorable that P & P come to greet you! ♥♥♥

catie said...

dianne ~ yep, kindergarten in real school on monday. he.can't.wait.

mary ~ having these ducks rush to greet us... it makes me tear up every time. i simply adore them.

jill said...

i'll be thinking of you and ned tomorrow ♥

Sandi said...

wow. Catie, I am just reading this post about Pip and Patito. This makes me tear up too... in a good way. :) These two ducks are so special... and why wouldn't they be?.. YOU were there mother. Amazing. And VERY "Lucky Duckys"! love, San

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