Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ducks + dog = ????

i am not so sure about this...

today, i put maisy on the leash
and oh-so-cautiously introduced her to the ducks.

it was not as i had anticipated.

the ducks were instantly suspicious, yet unafraid.
they boldly waddled up to maisy
and pecked her right on the nose.
(note: although these fraidy-cat ducks
are scared of their own food bowl
every time i lower it down in front of them,
they were not at all intimidated by this intruder.)

maisy was curious,
but after the first hard peck to her nose,
she was very afraid of them.
she kept hiding behind me, whining.

one curious doggy...

two suspicious duckas.

could this possibly work out??



1 comment:

Emily said...

That third picture kills me!

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