Friday, August 27, 2010


after searching hither & yon
for gothic grape converse all-stars,
here are three highlights of my day today:

#1: ultra-affectionate pip
{how much can you love a duck?}

#2: ultra-mellow patito
{taking a little nap}

#3: ultra-decadent coffee mousse
in a chocolate cup
{found at the grocery store bakery}

and happy weekend!


Dianne said...

All your treasures are lovely. Two questions...did you find the gothic grape converse shoes???? the cup really chocolate????????????
kisses to the sweet duckas!

moondiva said...

Catie, my dear ducka mama, they look so beautiful. You and your children gave them a chance, just think if you had not rescued those eggs some raccoon or other varmint would have had an egg dinner that night. They may come for a visit and that's OK...they have 2 homes now..the beautiful lake and the beautiful lady down the way!

martha said...

choc cup of mousse...wish i could join you for one.....:)
Duckies and very cute..Happy weekend back atcha!
Bo just handed me a pina colada-first frozen drink in weeks!I worked hard this week!

Dianne said...

Catie, are the duckas marked? How do you know who is who? A mother's instinct? :)

catie said...

dianne ~
1. no, we did not find gothic grape in marian's size... still searching.
2. yes, the cup IS dark chocolate... well, it WAS : )
3. no, the ducks are not marked, but i can pick them out of a crowd. pip's bill is yellow-ish with a dark mark in the center. patito's bill is greenish-grey. all the other ducks have their own "fingerprints" on their bills. also, our two ducks have different colored feet - not as orange as the rest. could it be nutrition related? purina flock raiser gave them an edge, maybe. ♥

Dianne said...

I think mama Catie gave them an edge! :)

jill said...

i ♥ converse! keep searching :) but...did u know u can customize your own converse? click here to check it out:
it's not cheap by any means, but a very cool frezent or special treat...

annie is currently sporting high tops that are lime green with big white polka dots. i will shed a tear when she outgrows them they are so stinkin' cute!

sounds like a good weekend...hope you enjoyed it!

jill said...

well, i guess you have to copy and paste the link - don't know how to hyperlink for this dealio...

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