Monday, August 23, 2010

earthly delights - csa bounty week 13

here is our csa share for this week
one beautiful eggplant
magic garlic
yellow onion
red cabbage
many cucumbers
a huge bunch of basil
summer squash
red russian kale
~ ♥ ~
please take a moment to appreciate
these aubergine bands of gorgeousness...
it's an eggplant rainbow.

happy monday, ya'll.


martha said...

Very nice bounty!
the kids are PRESH! really!! :)
I love those great baskets for your goodies too!
lv, martha

Dianne said...

Catie what do you do with so much magic garlic? The children are so delightful to see. Marian is a real beauty! It must be all that healthy eating. :)

Rebecca said...

Right now I am taking a moment to appreciate that you actually WROTE "these aubergine bands of gorgeousness!" It looks and sounds so lovely - like poetry! This is certainly a knockout eggplant - definitely a 10 in my book!!

catie said...

rebecca ~ i know you agree that fresh, organic produce is like no other... not only healthy, but inspiring, to boot!

dianne ~ the garlic ends up in our pesto & hummus & salad dressing & roasted with potatoes. earthly delights magic garlic is the best garlic on the planet. and my dreams are coming true!

martha ~ aren't those great baskets? from africa, but purchased at our old co-op back in arcata, ca. i have had the big one for more than 10 years. the little one was a birthday present for marian when she was 2 or 3 years old.

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