Saturday, August 28, 2010

tree hugger

my sweet friend, jessica, makes jewelry.
jessica & i met a couple years ago at
miss ruby's storytime at the eagle public library.
we used to see each other every wednesday.

then one morning,
she asked me to hold her tiny newborn baby
while she consoled her older son
who had gotten hurt.
we have been friends ever since.

she recently had a contest on her blog 
to gather ideas for her 3 newest necklaces.
she wanted a word or short phrase
to stamp on a copper disk to accompany
her tree, bird, and flower charms.

she chose my idea for her tree necklace:
so, i won!

last week,
she delivered my necklace to me in person:

~ i L♥Ve it! ~

thank you, jessica!

want to order your own?
email jessica:


Dianne said...

You have such a way with words. So glad you won!

Dawn said...

love you!
love her stuff, and her prices are great!

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