Sunday, August 15, 2010


look what ned found today

it had fallen out of a tree.

he knows how i adore bird nests,
but i only collect the ones
i find on the ground
{and the one we found in our christmas tree}

twice i have even wrapped & mailed
bird nests as presents to friends
{who share my fascination & were thrilled}

here are my others...

~ such snug little homes ~


Dianne said...

Oh Catie, I share your compassion for these sweet abodes. I have been collecting them for years. i too have mailed to friends ( Va and CC). I have at least a dozen on a them. I think Ned handing me one would be more sweetness than I could stand. Lucky you!

Dawn said...

That is a beautiful little nest!! and a Q T holding it :)
you KNOW we love nests...I have a tray full too!!

jill said...

ohhh this one looks quite tiny! how cute!

i stumble upon 2 nests this in my front yard and one on my morning walk a week later. i proceeded to "hide" the nest i found on my morning walk so i could come back to get it later. my kids were MORTIFIED when i stopped the car and tiptoed back into someone else's yard to retrieve "my" find. part of the reason i did it while they were in the car is because i knew they would freak out!

i perched them in my planters on either side of my front porch and i am just tickled with them!

how special for ned. have a feeling he will find just the right spot for it ♥

martha said...

fab nests -you placed em with style...
Ned is delightful-squeezes to him!!!!
we have 3 from the yard this spring/summer, and ryan has found 2 for holly..

Denise said...

Awww..... I found one on the ground last week, too, Ned!! My first!!!

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