Thursday, August 5, 2010

do you ever... wear a scarab cocktail ring?

i found this giant beetle on my walk yesterday.
i picked him up and
{gently} put him in my pocket to show ned.

i did a little research & found a match here.

last night, he bunked in a pickle jar full of leaves.

today, i wore him for a bit
and then he flew away.

{this one is from here.}


Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Nature Girl. I sooooo could not pick Mr. Beetle up. And that's why Ned is VERY thrilled to have YOU as his mom. Give me the jeweled beetle, pls.

Dawn said...

I adore him...however...I dont know if I could have picked him up either!
I will take that tp ring though!! xoxo

P.S. My hummus is delish!!! mmwwaahh!

Anonymous said...

He's a beauty, but I'm with Vava....something about them buzzing and vibrating around the lights and on the screendoors! Chef's Salad for dinner tonight with YOUR Balsamic Dressing....completely exquisite....I could drink it from a champagne glass! ;-)

Dianne said...

Well perhaps it's because I do so much yard work that bugs do not bother me. He is a is the ring!!!

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